Niche marries Camille’s decade-long passion for interior design with a PhD in change management and deep expertise in building professional cultures that spark creativity and teamwork.

Award-winning interior designer, Camille Henderson Davis, is the founder of Niche, a full-service design firm in Santa Monica, California. With a PhD in change management and a corporate background in culture strategy, Camille began Niche after more than a decade of design work alongside her other career. 

Her unique ability to form true partnerships and to understand the inherent challenges of talking about design and making changes at home have made her invaluable to her clientele. Camille’s clients feel heard as she guides them through the design process.

“I’ve worked with other designers, but no one has helped ME to figure out what MY style is. Camille changed all that... I can’t recommend her enough.”

 ~ Hilary G.

Operating on her belief that great design should inspire, not intimidate, Camille’s work has taken her from beach houses north of Malibu to classic 1930s bungalows in the heart of downtown, with clients and their referrals calling on her to make them feel at home across the Los Angeles area.

Camille lives in Santa Monica with her husband, Shawn, and their dog, McQueen.